Flooring Fitting

What we do

Here at Figaro Flooring we fit various different types of flooring, from carpet to vinyl and everything in between! We come out to the job, measure the area, and the next time we will be there work will progress, and your dream floor can be fitted.

​When we do come to fit the perfect floor for you, our key aim is to make sure you are perfectly happy with our work, if you’re not we will do everything in our power to make it so. All our prices include fitting and standard underlay. There are no hidden charges, so you will know what you will be paying upon ordering.


Karndean Flooring is designed to look and feel like natural flooring materials by replicating all the beauty with none of the practical drawbacks. Focusing on close attention to detail, Karndean reproduces the highest possible degree of realism with regards to colours, textures and sizes. Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, Karndean is suitable for any room in the house.


The pinnacle of luxury vinyl tiles. Whether you want a floor that looks like aged timber or modern chic, Amtico have colours and finishes to suit almost everyone.


Carpets are the most commonly known type of flooring and provide the most underfoot comfort with the underlay going hand in hand to make it dreamlike for you. Carpet works for almost any room in the house with the different types of carpet available such as Stain Free, Hassle Free and many others just ask and we will assist!

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